This is the story of the purchase of my Jaguar XF-S from Williams Jaguar Manchester.

In theory it should be a simple issue, person reads the advert, sees the car, pays the money and all is good.

In practice, it didn’t go smoothly from the first hours after delivery… and the effort to resolve and treatment of the customer has been shocking.

I am just an ordinary private customer, and largely ‘brand loyal’. This is the 6th Jaguar I have owned. It is the worst vehicle I have ever owned, and the worst ‘buying experience’ I have ever been through.

CURRENT STATUS: Bought back by Williams. Big loss on my side.

The Problem…

Basically, the vehicle isn’t as described. Futher to that, it doesn’t function correctly.

I have been extremely tollerant and flexible in allowing JLR every opportunity to get this vehicle working, but in the seven months of it sitting in the driveway, I have only had something like three weeks where the car actually ‘worked’*.

*Still having non-critial issues that still needed to be worked through, but not showing the symptoms that were effectively stopping it use.

Update: Some issues that may be considered critical have resurfaced.

Note that this blog has been built from historical data (i.e. emails and phone logs) It was not started at the point of purchase as I was not expecting any issues that would need documenting. At present, only the main communications are featuring – in due course all interactions will be published.


Car is back

Dealer rang me on Friday to let me know the car is done, and ready for collection. Due to being in Manchester and calling in to Williams, I wasn’t going to be back in time to collect that day. So, collected first thing Saturday morning. This which follows will sound like I am being critical …


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