“Do not wash”

Not wishing to come over a bit weird, but on looking at the loan car this morning, I thought it was badly scratched for a 1 year old car. I guess it gets a lot of washing as this will get done every time it is in/out on loan.

However, as a safety measure, I think not washing mine whilst it is in would be a good plan.

On closer inspection of the loan vehicle, I find a large chunk out of the NSR tyre. The NSF has a cut also.

So, email dealer to tell then, plus add a ‘do not wash’ instruction.

Later in the day, I took the vehicle down to the local tyre supplier. Though they knew it was a loaner and they were not getting an order for a new tyre – his view was ‘he wouldn’t drive it far’.

Called dealer who said they would swap tyre or car tomorrow if I brought it back.

Okay, these thinks happen, but it is another few hours out of my day.

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