email to Williams

Hi Gxxxxxx,

Bad news with the XF-S mentioned in this email trail.
It has been back in on 18/07/2018, then 08/08/2018 (for a week), 03/10/2018, 22/10/2018 (for 9 days).
I still have issues and CRC advise me to contact you.

I have also learned today that the vehicle is alleged to be a pre-production prototype. Early production I obviously knew, pre-production I found out due to the ‘recall notice’ H050, which I was told applied to this vehicle. “Prototype” has been mentioned today – source CRC as told to them by dealer. Prototype is not in any way acceptable. I hope that this turns out to be ‘duff’ information.

I am documenting my issues at still some work to do, but every interaction has been logged automatically by my email system and telephone logs. In due course, that will become a complete case record.

I suspect you will want to talk with JLR about this vehicle, but then hopefully you can make contact with me so we can resolve it.


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