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Just had another call from CRC and discussed the outstanding issues.

Basically CRC don’t think they can help any further, and want the supplying dealer to ‘deal’. They also want me to book the vehicle back in with my preferred retailer to solve the outstanding issues. Problem is, my local retailer think they are at the end of the road and can’t fix the issues (despite lots of effort being made – and I thank them for those efforts).

Outstanding, we have at least the following;

The issue with the navigation system saying it is due updates, and then not being able to progress to obtain them. I realise this might be more of a software issue at ‘’, but never the less, it is a JLR issue that needs sorting out.

UPDATE: A quick web search reveals this is an issue for others, as posted on XE and F Pace forums.

I have an issue with the dash dimmer. This has actually happened before, but I was unable to reproduce it. The dash goes to full brightness, and the control is inoperative even though the vehicle ‘thinks’ it is dark as it has already put its lights on. As it happens, the Infotainment also thinks it is day, as it hasn’t swapped to night mode. Video available of this issue.

Adaptive cruise occasionally gets confused and emergency brakes, but only for a fraction of a second. This has now occured twice, the first causing me some physical pain as it threw me in to the seat belt, the second causing an issue for the car behind.

The DAB radio is again occasionally unreliable. Latest evidence in previous post.

We still have a vibration felt through the pedals and seat. Occasionally this will hit resonance and rattle things in the door pockets. It has been addressed twice, and improved, but is still apparent and spoils the enjoyment of the vehicle.

The difference in value between what was advertised and bought, and what was actually supplied still hasn’t been dealt with. i.e. the TV tuner/dual view option which has a retail value of £890/£615 which even if divided by two as the car was not new still comes out around £752.50. I had previously stated I would accept an ‘experience’ from JLR on the basis that it wouldn’t cost them ‘real’ money and it would make me feel better about the situation. However, all the relevant experiences seem to have been withdrawn. It is noted that the lack of this feature is partially JLR’s fault (though the supplying dealer should really have checked what they were selling)… it is on the build specification, it is just ‘missing’ on this car. I am told that it can’t be retro-fitted, though in reality I doubt this is the case. Obviously it is possible, it is just that it may appear to be too much effort.

Stop/start: Still having issues with this. Presently it is not stop/starting at all (which I consider to be a good thing). However, from time to time it will go ‘mad’ and stop within less than a second of being stationary. It is either faulty or not fit for purpose. I understand that this issue affects many Jags, it appears to be an issue with JLR’s implementation of a solution required by legislation. One thing that is concerning is that I had to have the battery charged (by the dealer) as some sort of ‘fix’ to this issue. This was after a drive of 25 miles to drop the car in for service. If this ‘charge’ is required, then again the vehicle just isn’t fit for purpose.

The OSF corner of the bonnet is still not quite right. It can vibrate. This was actually mentioned on the phone BEFORE I even came to view the car, as a slight misalignment was apparent in the sales photograph (and I was promised it would be fixed before delivery).

We are 12 months in to a 24 month warranty period and we haven’t even got all of the items mentioned in the first month sorted yet. The plan looks like it is to keep going until the warranty runs out then I guess JLR will wash their hands of it. Logically, the warranty should pause once an issue has been raised and I am waiting for JLR to sort.

Boot lid issue: I find again by a little web searching that the boot lid issue is well known. I realise that there has been a redesign of the boot seal, which mine now has. However, though I realise the dealer has done a lot of work on this boot lid (including the hinges), it is still difficult to close. I am in the habit of using the ‘inside handle’ moulded in to the lid liner/carpet to close it – probably 50% of the time the lid doesn’t close properly. I have to reopen and apply a slam holding the spoiler. Not really the way it is supposed to be, and I end up with wet or dirty hands. I am hoping that the seal will relax and solve the issue… but we are already more than a month in.

The startup noise still doesn’t sound ‘right’. This is particularly bad from a cold start. My dealer tells me this is ‘normal’ though I haven’t actually compared it to any other vehicle, it certainally doesn’t sound normal to me. Again a web search reveals others with this issue. Note sure if that helps of hinders my case, but the general thinking is, that is isn’t as you would expect on this class of vehicle. At least it is now documented and we can return to this post if it lets go in the future.

Presently waiting for contact from the head of business at Williams Jaguar, and a call from CRC due on the 19th of this month.

UPDATE: A little searching finds others with some of he issues I see. Vibrations and DAB issues are mentioned on the XE forums (I know it is a different model – but some of the references to TOPIx show X260 as well as X570 models). Similar issues with the wear on the outside edges of the front tyres too. XE and XF are both iQ[Al] platform.

From my research, I can see some issues are well known. JLR needs to come clean with these issues and deal with them properly. I do feel I have been strung along a little (of course I could have done the research earlier, but in effect I am reverse engineering the problem from the symptoms I have found). Some issues seem to be being dealt with as a ‘characteristic’ – not acceptable on this level of vehicle.

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