Potential Solution

Email to CRC

Thanks for your efforts so far., lets see what Gary comes up with next week.

The ones I have found are;



Quick thoughts are…


Ayr (near Glasgow) – will cost me a fortune to go and see it.
No black pack – could be fixed.
2nd choice of colour – but okay.
Don’t like wheels – could be fixed.
Lack of rear air con – can live without this
Don’t like privacy glass
Not so nice as mine, trim wise

So, in summary – not sure I would be that happy with it, but maybe workable.

Tonbridge – Kent
Has a TV!
Leaves ‘bad taste’ of dodgy XF-S behind.
No Heads up display?
Maybe too big?

Summary – not sure, maybe look at one at Stratstone next week to see if I should consider it further.

Have a good weekend.

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