Connectivity Issues – extra info

I emaile dthe dealer with some extra info that would be required when fixing/diagnosing the issues…

I forgot to give you some extra info…

With the navigation ‘update’ problem;

The issue is that the system states an update is available, and ask you to log in from the car… But this then gives a screen saying ‘a problem at our end’ (i.e. This happens regardless of connectivity method.
I have tested with the car connected to WiFi (both at the house, and via ‘hotspot’ provided by my phone. I can prove we have connectivity as we get live traffic updates, and satellite maps.

With the SIM; I had tried this before with my phone SIM (which isn’t locked to any device) and previously this had worked – this is however going back 6 months.
Now, I can’t get connectivity via the SIM at all.
Presently it has a ‘three’ SIM in, which I proved was working last night in another device.
The car presently doesn’t even recognise the SIM (nor my phone one if I retry with that).

So, the details I am using to (attempt to) login to the navigation screen are; email address: <my real email address here>
Password: <my password for this account here>

The issue isn’t the update itself – I guess the changes to the map aren’t that important – it is more that the logging in must work so I can then update the maps if and when I need to.

If you need any clarification, just let me know.

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