Solution gone

Further email to CRC

No further contact from Williams since I replied to their email on the 6th (Thursday) last week.
My car is presently in at Stratstone, again for a depressingly large list of things. I did ring for an update today, but they haven’t really made much progress.

Unfortunately, one of the cars I had located as a possible replacement (the XJ) appears now to have sold. If Williams had got on with it in a reasonable time frame, we may have had a solution now. However, it appears that ship has now sailed. I am waiting on an email back from the people in Tonbridge – but it has gone from the Approved Used list, so I think we know it is no longer available.
I even took some time when I was up at Stratstone to get the keys for their XJ demonstrator and check out if I thought this may have been a solution to me.

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