RE: TV Tuner (4)

I did get an email back from the dealer, saying it needed to come in for a ‘look’.

Sorry for the delay as I was confirming a few things with our service department.

What we have concluded is that we need to have a check of the car to make sure the duel screen function is syncing properly and to make sure the TV element is working.

Therefore my colleague in the booking department are going to give you a call and get your car booked in with us.

Sorry for the issue but let’s get it properly looked at to make sure.

Kind Regards,


I did speak with (Williams) service, but it became apparent they did just want to ‘look’ at it. It wasn’t going to get fixed at that time, nor properly booked in for service, and a loan car provided. I know that it isn’t Williams’ fault that it is a 120 mile round trip, but a bit pointless to verify what I have already said on the phone, and provided a picture of.

It was also going to be ‘next week’.


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