RE: TV Tuner (5)

A trip to Stratstone for a quick look… I didn’t make an appointment as that would take too long, but they were good enough to lend me a technician to take a look.

Accordingly an email to the supplying dealer on my return…

I have had my local dealer – Stratstone in Hanley take a look this morning.
We pulled up the build spec from Jag based on its VIN and of course, it does
show as present on there.
However, the technician (who had just been on the Infotainment training
three days ago) agreed that the TV tuner didn’t seem to appear where it

I asked them if they would be disadvantaged if I asked them to fix it – and
they seemed quite happy to do so (it will be a claim against the Jag
warranty anyway).

I am told that a software update *may* fix it – but that would be the first
stage anyway. I am told it takes about three hours. If that doesn’t fix it,
they have to refer it to Jaguar.

If that is okay by you, I will let Stratstone do it – they can’t fit it in
until a week on Tuesday though.
Let me know if you think that is a good plan.

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