Hi Harry,

This may come as a surprise, but the XF-S purchase hasn’t gone well. At this stage I am considering the best plan is rejecting the vehicle. I am open to resolutions, but timing is presently difficult – accordingly we should take this as a formal notification that I want to reject*.

*Or claim under the Jaguar 30 day/1000 mile guarantee as appropriate.

The main reason for this measure is that time is against me, and I need to action this within 30 days of purchase.

I realise that the issue of a non-functioning TV can’t realistically be a reason for rejection in itself, but the time to get this issue looked at is eating in to time to resolve other issues. You were notified within hours of delivery that this was an issue, I then had to wait for a ‘video’ to show me how to use it – which due to you not having any other vehicles with this feature didn’t arrive. Further contact then resulted in the vehicle needing to come in. However, we determined that would just be a for a ‘look’ and a further visit would be needed to fix (around 240 miles round trip for those visits). It was therefore decided to check with another Jaguar franchise – which was done the next day (at that point 1 week after delivery). They confirmed on the day that the TV should be fitted, but was not working. Due to loan vehicle availability, I had to wait 1 week and 1 day before the vehicle could be looked at. Note that this timescale is not actually any different than if I had brought it up to Williams – and we did agree that this route may be the best. Today it has been looked at, software updates performed and still no fix… It has been referred to Jaguar and I am told they usually take at least a day to come back.

I realise that Williams will have had the vehicle from Jaguar in the non-working state, but according to Jaguar, each approved used vehicle “also undergoes a 165 Multi-point inspection to ensure you receive the same level of quality you’d expect when buying a new car.” – this doesn’t seem to have happened. I have to say I have little confidence in the remainder of the checks.

Though I realise this is not Williams Jaguar’s problem, I will be off the road for at least two weeks due to having to have a small operation in hospital later this week. The XF-S is presently with Jaguar and I am in a loan XE (diesel).

This means in reality, that if I even get the vehicle back on Thursday which is presently the best estimate, I have to get everything resolved on Friday.

I have a snagging list of issues, that I haven’t even had chance to present to yourselves or Jaguar. These will be attached to this email. Some of these may have been discovered by a better test drive – I realise that due to Williams Jaguar’s city centre location, it was somewhat limited to a trip around the block – a longer run on more representative roads may have helped. Since it is effectively a ‘new’ car with only 2200 miles, I didn’t consider a full vehicle detailed inspection would be necessary.

I hope we can work something out, but this purchasing experience really hasn’t gone well, I seem to be in a vehicle that I have less confidence in than my 9 year old SV8.

I think we need to discuss some of this over the phone – but I will only be available in the morning as again I have a hospital appointment Wednesday afternoon.

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