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Hi Jenny,

Please find attached a set of emails which represent all the correspondence with Williams Jaguar about the issues with the XF-S.
I have re-read all the mails, and they appear consistent in that there has been an issue since just a few hours after delivery.
There was a subsequent email that went to JLR which you should already have.

The only mistake I may have made here is that I thought JLR customer services were keeping the dealer in the loop once I had escalated it to them. The dealer tells me this is not the case. However, it shouldn’t really be down to me to project manage this issue. Also note I offered to get this vehicle down to Gaydon for it to be looked at by JLR themselves if it would help.

We will see how we go, but it looks like I will have to write down a time-line of where we are, calls made, time whilst it has been with Jaguar etc.
I also need to generate a list of things that have been ‘fixed’.
This is as I am sure you realise, getting a little silly now. Every day I have to deal with this costs me, in theory several hundred pounds, that I could otherwise be booking to a customer.
I haven’t really been able to use or enjoy the car – this has been going on for 6 months and I have only done around 2000 miles. My normal usage would be around 6k in that period.

There are new issues that I previously hadn’t noticed (I did mention briefly in our last call).
Latest to spot is the NSR window frame isn’t on right… The door gaps around the frame differ significantly between the right and left side.
The stop start has decided to be non-functional again… I had even forgotten it had this feature, then it stopped once in the last two weeks… I can’t now get it to repeat at all.
Having gone through the paperwork supplied, I also find some anomalies;
The vehicle check list for the 165 point inspection isn’t signed – which is consistant with these checks not appearing to have been done.
The warranty end dates differ by two months on two different documents.
It is also questionably missing a service. It is a fine point as it probably hadn’t done many miles, but the service interval is 16k OR 12 months. Services are down as PDI on 15/07/2015 followed by a 12 month service on 25/09/2017. Clearly this is not complete.

Due to speak on Thursday, so lets see if there is any progress then.

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