email to Williams

Hi Gary,

Sorry for the delay in me getting back to you – I had an office/workshop move going on at the tail end of last week which has taken all my time.

Thanks for the time on the phone – not sure if you had any more info from JLR CRC, but I think we covered most of the issues over the phone even though that was just from memory.
The odd thing is, that with the air-con apparently broken, the performance is much better – much more in line with my old SV8.
However, there are still many issues, and I really can’t see them getting fixed any time soon. The vehicle will also be a liability going forwards as it appears any software updates from JLR don’t work on this vehicle.

So, if possible, swapping for a non-faulty version would be best.
However, having gone over the spec and seeing what is essential, I fear we will struggle.
It is unfortunate – I bought this particular car as it appeared ‘right’ in almost every way – which is why it was called about, test-drive and a deposit left all within 24 hours.
It was the second car or suitable spec I had located – and the other had sold hours before I called about it (at another dealer).

At the time of searching I had done an ‘ideal build’ … it is still on JLR’s system and can be accessed at

My spec list is (I think the items not listed below are ‘standard’ according to the above build.)

Colour: White or Red (others might be possible) – I think this choice means it needs the black pack too otherwise it looks a bit odd with chrome window surrounds.
Interior Leather: Black (under no circumstances, the two tone red/black)
Full LCD as with the Navigation Pro pack & Meridian 825W
20” Wheels
LED Head lights
Plain (clear not privacy) glass
Ideally with heated steering wheel
Memory seats – ideally both sides.
360 degree parking – park assist pack
Must have adaptive cruise – part of active safety pack
Head-up display

So things we could loose;
Rear air-con zones
Rear seat heating
Suede headlining
Carbon fibre effect veneer (though I do like it)

Let me know what you can find – though I accept this is going to be difficult.

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