Another email to Williams

Hi Gary,

I didn’t get back to you instantly as I wanted to properly consider the vehicle listed.
As it happens, I was aware of it, it has been on Autotrader for nearly two months. No adaptive cruise and no LED headlights, so I am afraid it is substantially different.

I have discussed some option with JLR CRC. I have agreed to a final attempt to fix*.
I like the car, but have no confidence in it. Since last week, the stop/start has started working ‘aggressively’ again – but only with the non-functioning air conditioning off. It has also popped up a message saying the battery was low – which may be significant (I did however suggest that it might be a battery issue many months ago). CRC tell me I shouldn’t have to accept a loss of any of the features that I want – but I understand the vehicles are not easy to come by, and can’t even be ordered new as the performance models have been dropped by JLR due to low sales (and Ford’s engine deal).
*There are other issues here, mainly it isn’t the car sold. It doesn’t match the build data from JLR and therefore apparently is always going to be a problem come updates/service time. There are some issues around its service history – in that it appears to have missed a service (though I accept it probably isn’t that important since it was probably parked), and some around its preparation and 165 point check (which didn’t appear to have been done).

The situation with the rejection within the first 30 days, and return of the SV8 was considered. The main issue here would be that no-one knew what may have happened to the vehicle once it left your control. It may not just have been parked. As it happens, its new owner has been in touch and is very happy. At the time of purchase, I actually wanted to purchase a car, not still have the SV8 – it appeared I had found the spec I wanted so it made some sense to keep it if it was fixable. The decision was made along with JLR CRC that it should be ‘fixed’. It was at this point it became apparent that it may not actually be fixable.

JLR CRC were involved, as from the outset it appeared that Williams didn’t really want to know about this problem. I accept this may not be the case, but that is certainly how it appeared.

If JLR’s dealer network (Stratstone in this case) can’t fix these issues in a reasonable time-frame, then I think the next stage with the rejection will be a full refund. This isn’t what I want, as it will leave me without a vehicle.

The earliest date for attention is the 1st June – this is without a loan car as that would have pushed the date out further.
The vehicle is basically sitting here waiting – with minimal use – since it has returned from Stratstone on 19th March. The day after that Williams were contacted, and I was waiting for a call back (for 5 weeks plus).

I fear that the vehicle won’t simply be in and out the same day to fix the air conditioning. I hope that there will not be an extended delay.
If we can find a vehicle of a suitable spec, swapping would still be the best option.
Unless by some odd situation, the faulty air conditioning is in some way causing these other issues, I expect that its odd and sometimes dangerous behaviour may continue.

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