Update 05th July

Apologies for the delay, but as discussed by phone, an update on the XF-S issues.

I realise that some of this was covered in the discussion, but for completeness, a summary.

The vehicle was booked in at Stratstone on the 1st June for the air conditioning to be looked at as this had ‘failed’. Note that the failure made no sense, as the vent temperature was around 38 degrees for an outside temp of 27 degrees (Centigrade for the absence of doubt). As per previous email, the car was returned stating that it hadn’t been fixed as parts were required. On return, I found that the air conditioning was now cool – on talking to the dealer thay said this could be due to a partial re-gas and leak detect charge.

However, at or around this time, there was a step change in vehicle behaviour and performance. Outwardly the vehicle was performing properly.

On this basis, I decided to actually try and use it for a proper journey. On the 6th June it managed to faultlessly travel from Stafford to Milton Keynes and back.
On the 10th June we travelled to Cosford air show and sat in traffic for three hours in perfect cool (Note at this point the air conditioning had not been fixed).

The vehicle went in to Stratstone for its air conditioning fix, and came out exactly the same as when it went in. This could be considered a good thing as it was still working.

I have since done a 1100 mile round trip to Cornwall and Norfolk – again without issue.

However, today the air conditioning is running ‘hot’ again. Because there will be some doubt/disbelief about this, again I recorded a short video – it clearly shows an outside temperature of 29 degrees, a target temperature of 19.5 degrees, a cabin temperature of 33 degrees and a vent temperature in the upper 20’s. (This is after a trip, not at startup, so would have had plenty of time to bring down the temperature).

I will discuss this with Stratstone today.

I was also made aware of a recall for this vehicle, JLR reference H050. I am lead to believe it is a software update. Due to this vehicle’s as built data not matching JLRs system, I suspect the update will not work.

I thought we had reached the point where we were not going to reject this vehicle, but that is not so clear now.
We still have the issues of missing features, advertised and bought, but not supplied (TV tuner) which has a cost implication.

Fundamentaly, I am not sure there won’t be a re-occurance of issues with this vehicle. We are in the situation where it presently ‘works’ (except some warranty type items), but has never actually been ‘fixed’. The issues appeared to clear with no work being done to the vehicle. It therefore follows that these may return in an equally random manner.

*I did ask if some service package could be applied as good will, but I haven’t heard back about that yet.
*Also the phone number for the Jaguar ‘experience’ we discussed, and was going to be email hasn’t yet appeared.

[The last two points have now been addressed by phone this morning]

Sorry to hear you are leaving JLR, and I hope everything goes well for you in the future.

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