Reopening the case

Unfortunately my XF-S is not working properly again.
Its last failure was the air conditioning which was heating rather than cooling when ambient temperatures were around 27 degrees. Also the Stop-start not working properly and performance being somewhat variable.

Prior to its last visit to the dealer – I stated I would accept one further attempt at repair before requesting a full refund.
Immediately PRIOR to its last visit, it appeared to be working correctly. I did not cancel the appointment as I had been told it needed new parts.
After its last visit it was unchanged, in that it still appeared to work correctly (though a new condensor was fitted).
The implication here it it ‘righted itself’ or ‘stopped its odd behaviour’ without service intervention.

After that intervention, I decided I would actually try and use the vehicle, largely for the first time in my ownership.
As previously stated, it did appear to perform properly for around two weeks. However, one of those trips (1100 miles) was completed entirely in ‘Dynamic mode’ which may or may not be significant (also 500 miles overnight where the ambient temperature was quite cool).
Last week the air conditioning again turned on to heating. Cabin temperatures were well above ambient, reaching an incredible 55 degrees making the car undriveable.

The ‘final attempt to fix’ clearly has not worked.
We are at the point where swapping the vehicle is still on the table.
There is agreement about the problems with this vehicle in that Williams have already offered three alternative vehicles to swap in to – however, none were remotely like the minimum features on my ‘must have’ list. I was also told by CRC that I didn’t need to accept the loss of any features – unless I chose to do so. I gave some options that could be lost. I was also told that if no suitable vehicles were available, then JLR would have to build one. However, that is not even a possibility now as so much time has been wasted, that the model isn’t even produced for UK sale anymore.

I do not accept Williams assertion that it is down to Jaguar to fix under warranty. The vehicle was not fit for purpose at time of sale, the failures are by and large not new failures that have occured in my ownership. I have played my part in assisting JLR to fix this, by endless time on the telephone, endless visits to the dealer, and endless patience.
We may be at the point where Williams transfer the purchase price in to my bank, and I deliver the vehicle back to them and purchase a train ticket home.  However, I really want to be in a working XF-S.

Williams will claim a cost per mile for the ‘use’ that I have had, I will counter-claim for lost earnings, time in the dealership, failed holidays etc. Realistically, I have had full and proper ‘use’ of the vehicle for little over three weeks in a seven month ownership period.

That in mind I may be viewing another XF-S located at a dealer in the South this week (more cost on my part).

On speaking with CRC, when it appeared that the show stopping issues had gone away (Note, absolutely NOT fixed – just gone away), I was offered a service voucher and I asked for a Jaguar experience (as all mentioned at the outset – as something that wouldn’t cost Jaguar too much). At no point was that a full settlement for the loss of value (no TV), loss of use, costs of taking the vehicle in for service a seemingly endless number of times. Subsequent to that offer (which I still haven’t recieved formally by post as was expected), I tried the number given to book an ‘experience’ only to arrive back at CRC. The Jaguar website also no longer has any ‘experiences’ that I am interested in… it has taken so long to get to this point that those appear to have been withdrawn.

In my latest call with CRC, have have reopened this case – I am keen to get closure, but the fundamental issues are still present.
I did not want to push things today, as the lady who has been handling my case is shortly to leave JLR. She has always tried her best to resolve this for me. However, the effectiveness of JLR CRC is questionable – clearly my contract is with the dealer, but I rather hoped that CRC would assist the dealer in solving these issues.

Issues fixed
Fixings for door cards repaired by trimming rough edges with a knife.

Sun visor clips replaced as the visor wouldn’t ‘click’ in to position.
Damaged ‘carbon fibre effect’ n/s/f door trim repaired (stil got a fault in it though).
o/s B post trim cracked and replaced
Driver’s window switch pack replaced.
o/s/r door literally full of water (unknown damage to door motors etc.) Drain holes cleared. (Known issue with robots applying too much sealant during door assembly).

Issues still to be tackled;

(Note this is a UK spec vehicle, o/s refers to the right side as viewed from the driver’s seat, n/s refers to the left side as viewed from the driver’s seat)

Something seems to have broken in the o/s boot hinge. It feels ‘graunchy’ when fully open.

DAB radio issues – previously repaired by software update (which took 8 days).
Reception drops out, sometimes says ‘no signal’ whilst still playing DAB stations.

Auto-headlight issues – previously recalibrated.
Lights appear to get ‘confused’ in the dark. It appears that the reflection off road signs is ‘seen’ as an on-coming car, so it dips the lights. It now sees an absence of cars and re-applies the main beam. This repeats. It also appears to do this when behind another driver which causes annoyance as it looks like I am repeatedly ‘flashing’ the driver in front.

Vibration from engine or transmission around 1500 rpm – previously addressed twice (and improved), but still present.

Driver’s seat has some unidentified ‘play’ in its mounting. Can’t replicate it by rocking the seat, but can be felt on accelerating. Un-nerving as it feels like you are not securely seated.

Alignment/window gaps around n/s/r door frame. 1mm or less at the C post, 6mm or more at the D post. Visibly different on the o/s/r.

Crack in trim on o/s C post (B post trim already replaced for same issue).

Boot lid is happily munching its way in to the rear bumper. Panel gap appears okay statically, but must vibrate in motion.

Rattle from o/s/f of bonnet – actually this issue was pointed out BEFORE viewing the car (appeared to be an issue on the photographs from the advertisement). Aledged to have been done before delivery – but wasn’t.

May be subject to a recall (H050). Stratstone service advisor (from the call centre) tell me it is required. CRC tell me it is a software related item (which fills me with dread as the last s/w update took 8 days). Stratstone service advisor (Hanley) tell me the recall is for pre-delivery vehicles and therefore doen’t apply to mine.

Service situation is unclear: Stratstone wanted to call it in for a service, but it is not at all clear when due.
Took delivery in November 2017 at 2211 miles.
First and only service was 25/09/2017 at 2155 miles.
This means it has a missing 12 month service around 15/07/2016. I know that doesn’t sound that important to the vehicle, but since some elements are time based, it may mean things like belts and fluids will be at least a year older than its intended service schedule.
It has had a 12 month/16000 service (states renewal of oil and filter) whereas it should actually have had a 24 month/32000 mile service – the items scheduled will almost certainly be different. It is a fine point – but it doesn’t meet the Jaguar approved requirements of I believe having a full service history.
It clearly says on the service history that its next service due is its 24 month service.

Difference in value: Bought a car with TV option, this was not delivered. At no point was a reduction in price offered, or an offer of a service or other proposition. It can be argued that it isn’t a material part of a motor car, but it is an option charged for by Jaguar – it was paid for and was not on the vehicle when delivered. It took two visists of half a day and three days respectively,  to determine that it was in the build sheet for the vehicle, but not actually present. I was told it can’t be fitted. The three day issue was because the software supplied didn’t work – due again to as- built not matching the factory spec.

Time lost: Several visits to the dealership, all take time and fuel. Visits were I had to wait whilst the car was repaired as no loan cars were available. This is a direct quantifiable loss of my working/earning time.

We have the issue where time is ticking away with the warranty – each item seems to ‘consume’ around a month of warranty where the car can’t be properly used. Waranty should be paused if an issue is reported, and I am then waiting for JLR to fix it. At this rate, little or no items that were reported at the start of warranty will have actually have been fixed by the end of the warranty.

With hindsight, I should have returned the vehicle the day it was delivered. It was clear then, that it wasn’t as described. I was somewhat mislead, and trusting. I waited for ‘instructions’ on how to use it even though I actually believed it was missing. However, I like the car, and hoped that the items could be fixed. Three weeks in, I was in a position where I couldn’t drive so that made dealing with the issues more difficult. However all these items were identified at that point. I have been more than reasonable in tolerating the attempts to repair.

This is utterly the worst vehicle I have ever owned, and it the worst ‘buying experience’ ever.

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