Notes for Service Visit on 18th July


1) MoT

2) Air conditioning has failed again. Note, that it did work BEFORE and AFTER the condenser change on the last visit.
The behaviour is somewhat odd. When the outside air is 27 degrees or more, the system appears to heat rather than cool. (Note, this might not be a complete diagnosis – I can only test depending on the ambient temperature at that time, it may play up at other temperatures too).
We can have a target temperature of 19.5 degrees, you can have a vent temperature of 36 degrees. (See video – though I forgot to record the outside temperature on that one).
It managed to get a cabin temperature of 55 degrees one time last week.
This is after a journey – obviously not just after start-up.
Note also, there is some interaction with the stop-start – this has also failed again. Its (engine) performance is also being somewhat variable.

3) DAB radio is not working properly again. Video and extracted audio track on USB stick for reference.
Basically has poor reception, and drops out. This is not in one specific area of the country, nor on one particular day.

4) Can I have a copy of the recall notice, JLR reference H050. There appears to be some confusion as to whether it applies to my vehicle or not.

5) Something seems to have broken in the o/s boot hinge. It feels ‘graunchy’ when fully open.

6) Auto-headlight issues – previously recalibrated.
Lights appear to get ‘confused’ in the dark. It appears that the reflection off road signs is ‘seen’ as an on-coming car, so it dips the lights. It now sees an absence of cars and re-applies the main beam. This repeats. It also appears to do this when behind another driver which causes annoyance as it looks like I am repeatedly ‘flashing’ the driver in front.

7) Vibration from engine or transmission around 1500 rpm – previously addressed twice (and improved), but still present.

8) Crack in trim on o/s C post (B post trim already replaced for same issue).

9) Alignment/window gaps around n/s/r door frame. 1mm or less at the C post, 6mm or more at the D post. Obviously different on the o/s/r.

10) Driver’s seat has some unidentified ‘play’ in its mounting. Can’t easily replicate it by rocking the seat, but can be felt on accelerating. Un-nerving as it feels like you are not securely seated. Actually by pressing back into the seat (away from the steering wheel) you can feel the seal base click under your left leg.

11) Boot lid is happily munching its way in to the rear bumper. Panel gap appears okay statically, but must vibrate in motion.

12) I suspect this is a ‘feature’ but buzzing noise from headlamps. I am told it is a cooling fan – though it makes this noise with the lights off.


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