Results of service visit

The basic result is the dealer needs to book the car in for a whole week to try and go through the issues.


The MoT passed, with no advisories – which is to be expected on a 7400 mile car.

The health check picked up an additional issue, a slight leak from the diff pinion. On looking on my driveway, I do see a small patch of oil in this area.

The air conditioning has been re-gassed and now appears to work.  No apparent faults were found. It should be noted that the car’s performance is again different. The stop/start is also different, back to a stop less than 1 second after coming to a halt.

The delivery driver did confirm to me that the air-con did NOT work on the way to the dealership, but did work on the way back (he comented it was nice as he had been stuck in a queue on the motorway).

I have since driven around in temperatures of 30 degrees, target temperature was 19.5 and vent temperature was around 12… which is what you would expect until the cabin temperature converges to the target set point.


One small worry is with the response I received about my request for the details of the recall, H050. The dealership said that they couldn’t let me have a copy. of the information. They did say it applies to pre-production cars. It is implied that mine is actually a pre-production vehicle.

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