Electronic Parking Brake

I am having more issues with the EPB. I am not sure if it is a design issue or a fault. The dealer has looked at but didn’t find the fault.

Basically, the EPB button has tactile feedback – you can feel it click, and hear it click. This would normally be considered good design. However, just because you have had the feedback, it turns out it doesn’t mean the EPB has engaged. Note, by this I mean it hasn’t started its process – I understand that it is a motor driven ‘winch’ which pulls on the handbrake – and that takes a small amount of time to happen.

With a ‘quick’ pull of the switch, getting great tactile feedback, and waiting a short amount of time – sometimes the brake has not engaged.

Pulling and HOLDING the switch appears to work – but the tactile feedback is misleading.

Several times today, applying the EPB then lifting off the foot brake, the car will lurch forwards in traffic.

This is made slightly worse by the fact that if you have just the wrong amount of steering input, the EPB indicator light is behind one of the steering wheel spokes.

It is either faulty, or bad design.

If it is by design, the switch debounce timer need to be much shorter – in fact there is no need at all for debouncing that switch.


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