Today it is in for service.

JLR have agreed to do this service ‘free’. I am grateful for this, but of course this is only partly putting the vehicle back where it should have been before I had it.

It is now just over three years old, and therefore due its 3 year service.

Previously it has only ever had a 12 month service, and that was 25th September 2017 (an ‘A’ service). Since it was built in 2015, that isn’t great. I realise that having done only 2000 miles at that time, it isn’t going to have significant wear in any item – but services are on ‘time’ (12 months) or distance – whichever comes first.

The dealership is keen to sort this, so have done a 24 month service. So far so good, but time related items will still be out of sync. Best plan is for my next service due in 12 months, to also be a ‘B’ service (maybe) and that will resynchronise the schedule.

I did drop a fault list on the dealer at service – which wasn’t stricty fair as they were only expecting to do a service that day. So, on picking up the car, it was immediately booked in for the earliest appointment.

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