Day 5 – Due back today

Had to go to Liverpool on business. Weather not great, traffic not good. It is all very well putting a few miles on the loan car, but I could do with the driver aids on mine. I find adaptive cruise makes a real difference to the ease of a journey when in heavy traffic, road works and rain.

Mid afternoon and I still hadn’t heard back from the dealership. Tried to ring and got the auto-attendant, gave up and retried later only to get the auto-attendant again. Finally got through to leave a message (with the receptionist) as they were busy. They called back whilst I was on the phone to a customer. I then called back and got the workshop manager.

I was told it wasn’t ready, and could they keep it until Tuesday.

After three hours to do 60 miles on the motorway, I finally arrived back. As it happens – closure was due to a JLR transporter crash (no serious injuries). Clearly not JLR’s fault – but it does seem sometimes like there is a conspiracy against me.

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