Fix attempt

Dropped vehicle off for an attempt to fix with the following notes;

It is booked in for five days.

Current snagging list – 22nd October 2018)

Firstly, standard ‘do not wash’ request!

It appears that some of the fundamental issues have disappeared, which is good, though since conditions* have changed it is hard to verify.

*The air conditioning issues mainly seemed to occur when the ambient temperature was above 27°C, since the last fix, the weather has changed so it is difficult to be certain the issue is fixed.

Driver’s seat rocking – seems to be cured. However, it appears that the heating no longer works in the drivers seat. Thermal imaging below clearly shows the elements working on the passenger seat, but not the driver’s seat. Both were set to the same setting.

Driver’s Side

Passenger’s side

Note the hot spot in the driver’s seat image is the steering wheel.

Boot lid (previous issue was boot lid chewing in to bumper). Appears better after new seal, however the boot no longer closes properly unless it is slammed hard. So hard in fact that the camera has fallen out.

There is still an issue in the ‘feel’ of the boot when it goes to the fully open position. It wasn’t like this initially, and I haven’t noticed it on any of the other XF’s I have driven (used the boot).

Radio: Better, but not fixed. Unfortunately, the ‘proof’ video isn’t available as I ran out of SD card space. Failure was basically the radio dropped out for around 10 minutes whilst travelling North from Goodwood. The same road had been travelled South the previous day whilst listening to the same radio station (Radio2), so it isn’t a local reception issue.

Video available where the radio became non responsive too. Both the steering wheel controls and the volume knob would not affect the radio volume. This issue is the same as one reported early one around January this year.

B post trims, off side: Previously had a crack in each – both replaced. So far so good, but it can be seen that the plastic is ‘pulled in’ probably due to over tightening of the fixings. I suspect these trims will crack again.

B/C/D post alignment of window frame on nearside: There may have been some confusion with this last time as I believe the door panel gaps were adjusted. The panel gaps were never a problem, it is the window frame gaps. Note: On the last visit – another XF was parked alongside – it is now apparent that BOTH rear window alignments are questionable.


Certainly ‘different’ when it came back from last warranty work. The engine stopping within 500ms of becoming stationary has disappeared. However, today (2nd October) it has refused to stop-start at all even whilst sitting stationary for extended periods (foot on brake, EPB not engaged).

I have been in touch with another XF-S owner – on describing my stop-start behaviour, he tells be he doesn’t recognise his behaving like that. It is also different to the many loan cars I have had (though some have been diesels – which are almost certainly different).


It still vibrates oddly when under load at around 1200-2000 rpm. It rattles the pedals, and anything in the door pockets.

New issues

I have noticed it appears to be taking the extreme outside edge off the front tyres. Maybe simply a toe adjustment. Pressures are correct – even if not, it wouldn’t be just one edge.

Can you check the alignment?

I did attempt to have this done locally, but there was a worry from the tyre guys that it might affect the driver aids – so they didn’t want to do it and mess things up. Printout supplied previously – though I don’t necessarily believe it. Two ‘goes’ were done, both with different readings – which means they probably couldn’t drive their Hunter machine.

Original markings untouched on rear tyre, even wear (some minor cracks)

Front tyre, original marks disappeared, some cracking in base of treads.

Slight cracking of the tyres is occurring. Ignoring the osr which had to be replaced due to a puncture, there are longitudinal cracks developing near the tyre treads.

Not actually a new issue, but one I should have asked before

Cold start up – I really doesn’t sound ‘right’. Video available. Sounds ‘rattly’ or ‘tappety’ (in the old days). Actually, this sound better since its service.


The system is claiming it is due a map update – which would be fine, but it refers you to a web page, which then tells you that it should download them itself*. Obviously it needs a data connection to do this, but even when one is available, it still refers to the web page.

Updated: The web site has changed since I last looked, now says they are transferred via USB even for the Pro system.

Feature Question

What is the dark plastic panel near the sunroof controls? On some models there is a sunglasses holder fitted, I was told by Williams that this was a ‘gesture control’ sensor. I suspect it is just a blank… but if so, why no sunglasses holder?


The read out of text messages seems to have stopped working. This may be since the last upgrade.

Edit: No, it did this before – I have an earlier image showing the same issue with the previous release of the infotainment software.

Annoyingly the system ‘teases’ you by indicating a message has been received, but then refuses to display it.

Issue from when originally supplied (by Williams)

OSF corner of bonnet rattles.

After writing the above snagging list, I was enroute to the dealer and found a few other issues. These got added to the list when I arrived.

  1. When leaving home, with a WiFi hotspot enabled on the phone, I recieved traffic updates on the navigation (as I should). About 10 miles from home, it correctly told me I was stuck in traffic (known road works – just no real alternative). A further 10 miles and I find myself stuck – navigation shows nothing as a problem. Then I notice it has decided to disconnect from the hotspot. Note: Phone still up and running, and has data connection.
  2. Remote start. I decided I would not give in with the remote start application on the phone. First try failed. Second try failed. I ‘proved’ connectivity by doing a ‘beep and flash’… which worked. Third try at remote start failed. I gave up and went outside to start it manually.

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