Radio drop out & Adaptive Cruise

On the way back from the dealer, the DAB radio decided to drop out again. This is whilst listening to Radio 2, which should be reliable. Drop-outs can be heard in the recording below at 0:10 and 0:53

Also, on a particular section of road, whilst on adaptive cruise, the vehicle decided to ‘panic’ and effectively brake check the car behind. This occured (in my opinon) as it detected a slow moving queue of traffic in another lane. I did actually go around the block to see if I could capture the event on video, but unfortunately the queue had gone and therefore the conditions were different.

Update: On viewing my own video, I am not so sure the events fit with my theory. I previously thought this was more of a bend and therefore ‘straight ahead’ may have appeared stationary.

This a) makes me look like an idiot (braking for no reason), b) causes issues for the following traffic. I think that this means I can’t use adaptive cruise on anything other than a dead straight road (that is assuming my guess as to its problem is correct). At least this is better than when it randomly and heavily braked on an empty dual carriageway some months ago (fortunately with no one behind).

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