“At The Dealers” Episode 6, Series 2

I open the boot of the loan car only to find 40kg of tile cement… which is leaking powder. I emailed the dealer just so they don’t think it is me that has messed up the carpet.

Bad news, the tile cement is white.
I can’t even pinch it for my project because I need grey. Well, grey grout actually, but it would have done.

Dealer has just called – apparently their customer rang them and he needs his tile cement.
We have made arrangements for him to come to me to pick it up.
Trouble is, I am 20 odd miles South of the dealer, other customer is about 20 odd miles East of the dealer at the moment.

UPDATE 2: The guy has been over – the reason he had the loan XE before me… … … his XF had let him down.

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