“At The Dealers” Episode 5, Series 2

Starting to sound a bit like a soap-opera.

The boot lock won’t work at 7.48V. Nowhere apparent to put a key in to open the boot. I find from the manual that there is a jump start terminal on the front fusebox. Since the car was open, I could pull the bonnet and access this.

I have a couple of other batteries available, one I wasn’t sure of the state of charge, the other is on the float charger (Ctek) but cabled up to the Mk2 engine (another story). It was easiest to bring out the start-and-charge unit.

Got it going but then I didn’t want to stop it in case it won’t go again. I decided the best is to take it to the dealer (other option was to call out Jag assist – but then a risk of damage if they take it away, plus waiting to see what happens with a loan car).

Dealer has given me an XE. BUT it has to be back by tomorrow at the latest. So if it goes back today – it has cost me a day’s work as I will have had to make two trips up and down each. If it goes back tomorrow it means I will be at the dealer’s when I should be on a building project, so that costs me another day.

I can’t fault them, they say they will try to fit it in.

The thing is, if I swap the battery and that isn’t the real issue (eg. it could be a short in the central locking) that would just kill the new battery.

The manual has a helpful bit of text.

Well, so apparently, if the battery needs replacing, it must be removed from the vehicle. Genius.

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