Won’t start

Battery voltage down to 7.48 this morning – though I guess it has been trying to lock itself all night.
It has just reported itself stolen – I have had the JLR tracking people on to me by phone.
It is good the tracker still works even at very low volts.

I don’t object to buying a battery – particularly if it is ‘only’ £140.
Since we are in a ‘problem situation’ I would rather have Jag do it, or at least ‘okay it’ first.
We all know it won’t cause any issues – I just don’t want any excuses.

A ‘free’ battery under warranty will still cost me. Two hours away from work, 50 miles, 2 gallons of petrol etc… so that is about the same as a battery to buy.
I either need it doing today or I might call Jag assist and get them to fetch it in. Seems silly for a battery though.
Can’t lock it, can’t park it – means I can’t use it.
I guess the battery is actually covered under the battery manufacturers warranty too. Usually 5 years I think.

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