Stratstone rang me, to tell me it was ‘done’. Long and short of it is they couldn’t replicate it TODAY (though could on Friday). No codes stored, all working. I mentioned the battery.. apparently that is fine too. I mentioned that it was showing 7.48 V on Friday – Oh, well it passes now. I did state that if it wasn’t duff before, then it would be now since it had a deep discharge cycle.

Apparently they spent 6 hours on it.
That will be £100 for the diagnosis Sir.

This didn’t go down well. I threatened to keep the XE.

So, dealer goes on to CRC (and gets in first), then I go to CRC. Not able to get my contact, I get someone else. They confirm my contact is in, and will tap him on the shoulder and get him to call me. He calls me.

£100 fee waived.

Though he clearly can’t say so, shall we say I can tell he has no understanding as to why the Head of Business at Williams Manchester won’t call me.
Being escalated now, if no contact by Friday, CRC are to speak with the the Franchise Director at Williams.

CRC are trying to get Stratstone and Williams together so they can work out a plan. I did state that it isn’t really Stratstone’s problem. The time will come when they don’t want me or this car back in the dealership. It is costing them, and they didn’t even supply it.

Go to dealer to get car. Big discussion. The people there are great, and trying very hard – but they have been landed with a problem that isn’t theirs.

I am told that all these claims are being pushed through the extended warranty which is a different process. This is even though the issues are all reported within standard warranty. I looks like Stratstone might be down on the deal up to 100 hours of work so far.

So, waiting for a call from Williams Manchester (which if I was a betting man, will not come) then waiting for a call from CRC on Friday.

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