Update to CRC

Email to CRC this morning…

Please add this email to the case notes. I shall ring you shortly to progress.

The vehicle failed on Thursday night, with a weird locking issue.
By the Friday, it failed to start, and also reported itself stolen (at least that part works).
Rather than wait for an appointment, I decided to drop it on the dealers (after I had managed to get it jump-started).
The dealer looked at it that afternoon, but it appears it may not be a simple fix.
I have a loan car, but that has to go back today (if mine is not fixed).
Since I have to hang around waiting to see what the result is today, I can’t carry on with my normal work… This therefore has now cost me two days work (plus the petrol/diesel to get the car up to the dealers and back). It has put my costs up by easily £500 (total for the two days).

Despite me telling the tracking people that the car is at the dealers and needs to be in maintenace mode until at least Monday – it has continued to send me theft alerts by text through out the night – the last one helpfully at 03:40 this morning.

Also, this is day 26 since I emailed the supplying dealer.
It is 7 days since your own call to Williams (19th) in which I believe I was promised a call back from them that day.

If this turns out to be a battery issue, I will be very annoyed as I identified this possibility before 14 May 2018, in an email to Williams. (Other previous emails probably also discuss this – it is just that is the one I have to hand).

1) Can you escalate this within CRC.
2) Can you contact the supplying dealer and ask if he will contact me with a solution? (I don’t see why I should be chasing them all the time).
3) Can you confirm that this case remains open, and under its original reference – therefore shows as open for approximately 12 months?
4) Can I have this case reference number so that we can tie it all together?

This needs to be solved now.
JLR needs to step in and sort it as obviously Williams Manchester is not interested in doing so.

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